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Lifefilm Film Strip

What is a Lifefilm? A stunning portrait.  A cherished time capsule.  An intimate keepsake of you.

A Lifefilm is a film that tells your life story. What is that story? That's up to you. It could be the first years of your child's life. It could be the tale of how you and your husband met and fell in love. It could be a celebration of your parents and your family history. Whatever the story or occasion, we can custom-tailor a lifefilm for you.

Lifefilms are masterfully crafted by professionals within the film and television industry. The Lifefilm Production Team has a wealth of creative credits that include producing projects for Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, MTV Networks, A&E, PBS, National Geographic and Nickelodeon. All lifefilms feature first-person interviews, photographs, homevideo, music and original footage. These elements are artfully conceived, crafted, and assembled to create your exclusive Lifefilm.

Lifefilm is the perfect entertainment centerpiece of any milestone celebration. A Lifefilm is the perfect addition to the most exquisite events C whether it's a Wedding, Anniversary Party, 1st Birthday or 50th. On that special day, your guests will be swept away by the communal experience of watching your Lifefilm together. Your Lifefilm becomes the inevitable highlight of your celebration.

Give your loved ones the remarkable gift of a Lifefilm. When you need an exceptional gift that conveys that rare combination of thoughtfulness, creativity, gratitude, and love, nothing compares to a Lifefilm. What could be more moving and wonderful than surprising your loved ones with a documentary tribute. Giving that special someone a Lifefilm expresses how much you truly cherish and treasure who they are. It tells them that you feel they are worthy of being celebrated!

Lifefilm lasts forever. Lasting way beyond the day of your celebration, a Lifefilm becomes a treasured family keepsake. Not only will it be viewed by you and your loved ones for years to come, it will also become a family heirloom that can be passed down to future generations. Imagine your great great grandchildren having the unbelievable treat of watching your Lifefilm and getting that amazing glimpse into their own family history. A Lifefilm truly lasts forever.

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