Each Lifefilm is crafted by a first-rate production team hailing from the world of Film and Television.  When you purchase a Lifefilm, what you’re really buying is the vision, skills, expertise, and finesse of a solid team of creative professionals, dedicated to bringing your personal story to life.

Each Lifefilm is overseen by a Director/Producer who is the visionary that sets the tone, look and feel of your piece.  Your Lifefilm journey begins with an initial creative meeting where you have the opportunity to collaborate with your Director/Producer about the story you’d like to tell, and to highlight all those elements that are most important to you.  This very important beginning of the process, sets the stage for creating a Lifefilm that will deliver the impact you want to achieve.

Your Lifefilm production experience also features a top-notch Director of Photography, Professional Lighting, state-of-the-art Sound Recording, and the most cutting edge Editors working in the industry today.  Production Managers and Production Assistants round out the team, and are always there to insure the production process runs smoothly and flawlessly from beginning to end.

The Lifefilm Production Team has a wealth of creative credits that include producing projects for companies such as Walt Disney Pictures, Touchstone Pictures, Paramount Pictures, MTV Networks, A&E, PBS, National Geographic, Bravo, ESPN, Spike TV and Nickelodeon.